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Tanpuras for sale

Tanpura 01Tanpura 01

Price: € 700,-

Estimated cost of maintenance: € 100,-

Tanpura 02Tanpura 02

Price: € 400,-

Tanpura 03Tanpura 03

Price: € 250,- SOLD

Estimated cost of maintenance: € 150,-

Tanpura 04Tanpura 04

Price: € 425,-


A lot of second-hand instruments need repair and/or maintenance.

Some sellers decide to sell the instrument in its present state, and not to invest in maintenance before sale.

In that case, I have estimated the cost of maintenance.

I can optimalise any instrument, do any necessary work, and apply any personal wishes to suit your needs.

See the link Repairs in the menu.

Tanpura 06Tanpura 06

Price: € 500,-

incl. case


Tanpura 06